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New US sanctions target Iran's supreme leader, military brassPresident Donald Trump slapped the sanctions on Tehran for what he described as its "aggressive behavior" including the shooting down of US drone. In addition to Khamenei, the US Treasury Department said it was taking action against eight senior commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

6/24/2019 1:00:00 PM

Driver in horrific motorcycle crash pleads not guilty as details emergeA pickup driver accused of slamming into a group of motorcycles entered a not guilty plea Tuesday in New Hampshire on 7 counts of negligent homicide.

6/25/2019 2:10:28 PM

Q&A: what you need to know about America's student debt crisisBernie Sanders has a radical plan to wipe out undergraduate and graduate debt for all Americans. Here is what’s at stakeThe Democratic lawmakers Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders and Pramila Jayapal listen as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joins them in a call for legislation to cancel all student debt. Photograph: J Scott Applewhite/AP What is student debt?Going to university in the US is expensive – costing an average of over $34,000 a year in tuition and fees at private universities – which means for most Americans, the only way of viably pursuing higher education is to take out a student loan.The figures are staggering. An estimated 45 million Americans have student loans, contributing to an overall national student debt of $1.6tn. What student loans are available?The two main options for prospective students are a government-funded federal loan or a private loan from a provider such as a bank, university or state agency. Both are paid back with interest (interest on federal loans is fixed and normally lower than on private loans, which can be expensive and risky and comprise just 14% of student loans).Federal loans come in various forms – including direct subsidized, direct unsubsidized and direct plus for graduates and professionals. There’s also Direct Plus for parents, where, as the name suggests, the student’s guardians take the full burden.Depending on year and dependency status, undergrads can borrow between $5,500 and $12,500 a year in federal loans; professionals and graduate students have access to up to $20,500 a year. Federal loan repayments are monthly and start six months after graduation – usually continuing for 10-25 years. How much is the average student debt in the US?The class of 2017 left college with an average of $28,650 each in debt, according to a report by the Institute for College Access and Success (Ticas). This is a huge rise compared with the equivalent figure for just two decades ago. In 1996, the average debt of four-year students was less than half of that, at $12,750, the not-for-profit higher education organization found. How does US student debt compare to other countries?At an average of $37,000, student debt in America is high, but it is higher in the UK where the average is $55,o00, according to analysis by YaleGlobal.In stark contrast, students in Germany can expect to pay $2,200 for an undergraduate degree and come away with an average of $2,400 in debt.Surprisingly, despite free tuition, graduates in Sweden leave university with an average of about $20,000 in debt. Who is most affected by student debt?Around two thirds of graduates from both public and private not-for-profit colleges have student loans. But at $31,450, the average for private not-for-profit college is higher than that of a public college, whose average is $26,900, Ticas found. Meanwhile, 83% of graduates of for-profit institutions have loans (average value: $39,900).Debt varies between states. Connecticut has the highest average student debt at $38,510 for the class of 2017, according to Ticas, and Utah had the lowest with $18,838.Race is a huge factor. Black students owe an average of $7,400 more than white students when they graduate, the Brookings Institution found. After graduation, the debt gap continues to widen. Four years after graduation, black graduates owe an average of nearly $53,000 – nearly double that of white graduates. What are the Democratic 2020 candidates proposing?Student debt looks set to be one of the defining issues of the 2020 election among Democrats.So far, Bernie Sanders has announced the most radical plan, with a promise to wipe out the undergraduate and graduate debt of all Americans. He plans to pay the $1.6tn cost with a new tax on Wall Street.Elizabeth Warren has pledged to cancel the student debt of over 95% of Americans, which she plans to finance with a tax on the wealthiest 0.1%.Joe Biden has previously shown support for free higher education, but so far the only specific detail his 2020 campaign has offered on the issue has been to talk about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, which he wants to see “fixed” to help teachers.Pete Buttigieg, who himself has $130,0oo in student debt, has pledged to make public college “debt-free” for lower income families and “zero tuition” for middle income families.Kamala Harris has said she would make college debt-free for future students and provide relief for those who already have student loans. What is the Trump administration proposing?In March, Donald Trump vowed to “fix” student loan debt when he signed an executive order to publish graduate income and debt of individual colleges according to subject and to create policy proposals that would make colleges accountable for student results.The White House has also said it wants to cap student loan borrowing.

6/24/2019 11:00:33 PM

Would U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers Lose a War to Iran?The recent oil tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman reinforce the need to reestablish a highly visible U.S. naval deterrent in the Middle East. For eight months last year, no aircraft carrier strike group plied the region, the longest such interruption this millennium. With the United States needing a more robust posture against Iran and confronting renewed challenges in Asia and Europe, several immediate measures and concerted longer-term efforts are critical to ensure America has the carriers it needs.The requirement to maintain carrier presence in the Middle East is a critical part of a broader national security strategy, in which U.S. global security interests necessitate a worldwide force presence. Indeed, the Navy's mission demands remain as high as those of the Cold War, calling on ships to be everywhere seemingly at once, but today's fleet is less than half the size it was 30 years ago.During the Obama administration, a “rebalance” supposedly allowed the Pentagon to focus on Asia and Europe while washing its hands of the Middle East. In reality, we never effectively rebalanced forces in the Indo-Pacific, and the situation on the ground forced us to remain deeply involved in the Middle East. Now with a growing Iranian threat, it would be imprudent to suddenly abandon the region, even as we face renewed challenges in the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean.Indeed, Iran’s threat to the region continues growing as its recent attacks against oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman demonstrate. Its reliance on violent sectarianism helps fuel Sunni extremist groups like ISIS. This also places Tehran’s proxies on the borders of key U.S. allies. Beginning next year, Tehran can start upgrading its conventional and missile arsenals as U.N. arms embargoes expire. It is also threatening to resume progress toward nuclear weapons.The Trump Administration is pursuing robust sanctions, but these alone are likely insufficient to prevent Tehran’s aggression and reassure our regional allies.Credible forward deployed military capability – like a carrier strike group – provides real options for American policymakers. Last month’s intelligence suggesting Iran was ready to move against U.S. interests in the Middle East demonstrates how the absence of such forces could embolden Iran. Responding to this intelligence, the prompt movement of the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group into the region has dramatically increased the U.S. force posture. Effective deterrence of Iran will require persistent, visible, and credible military capability.A combination of far-reaching and short-term policy changes can address this challenge.

6/25/2019 5:50:23 AM

UK foreign minister Hunt says cannot envisage joining U.S.-led war with IranBritain does not expect the United States to request that the United Kingdom joins a war with Iran and London would be unlikely to agree to join such a conflict, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Tuesday. "The U.S. is our closest ally, we talk to them the whole time, we consider any requests that they say carefully, but I cannot envisage any situation where they request or we agree to any moves to go to war," Hunt told parliament.

6/25/2019 5:13:36 AM

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade on Concerns About Detention Camp Conditions: ‘Never Going to Have a Hyatt’Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday downplayed concerns about the squalid and appalling conditions within border immigration detention centers, saying that migrant children were “never going to have a Hyatt at the border.”Amid reports that hundreds of immigrant children were recently removed from an overcrowded and filthy Texas border facility in which they’d been detained without soap, toothpaste or clean clothes, the Fox News morning show welcomed on acting ICE Director Mark Morgan to discuss the growing humanitarian crisis—a crisis Kilmeade has likened to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.Noting that “one of the concerns” is over the conditions migrant children are being detained in, co-host Jedediah Bila asked Morgan how accurate the reports were about how unsanitary the detention centers are.“So they’re absolutely some truth to that and that’s why we’ve been asking Congress for a very long time to pass this supplement,” Morgan replied. “Again, the border patrol stations, they were designed for adults to—only for a few hours and be removed.”After Morgan claimed the Trump administration doesn’t want children to suffer through these conditions either—before once again saying it was up to Congress—Kilmeade then rallied to his guest’s defense.“Mark, you’re never going to have a Hyatt at the border,” the pro-Trump host declared. “It’s never going to be great, that’s never what the intention [was].”The ICE chief agreed, adding that a detention center is more “like a police station.”“I mean people know what a police station looks like,” Morgan continued. “Like you said, it's not the Hyatt but specifically with kids, we do want kids out of those facilities. Kids should not be in those facilities, but again this comes down to funding.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

6/25/2019 9:48:16 AM

'Dog the Bounty Hunter' shares photo from Beth Chapman's bedsideDuane "Dog" Chapman shared a photo from his wife Beth's hospital bedside on Monday.

6/25/2019 6:31:44 PM

Taking a Closer Look at Japan's Futuristic Attack SubmarineThe sleek underwater warship will ensure the country is defended by the best non-nuclear submarines around.

6/25/2019 12:40:00 PM

Robert Mueller Will Testify Publicly About His InvestigationHe will publicly appear on July 17

6/25/2019 7:34:02 PM

A Florida woman turned in her husband's guns after his domestic violence arrest. Police arrested her for theftCourtney Irby was charged with grand theft and armed burglary for turning in her husband's guns while he was in jail for domestic violence.

6/25/2019 1:22:49 PM

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